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Welcome to The Racing Archive.

Welcome to the Racing Archive.  Racing Archive is run by Charles Titus.  Charles Titus loves anything to do with history, and as a result noticed that there was a shortcoming in the way that some subjects were covered for future generations to study and learn about.  As a result he has many different archives that he runs in regards to racing, football, and other topics.  It started out with and then was followed by  There are many other archives that he runs. 

As a result this website was created for people to find a way to easily find one of the Archives that he runs. 

If you are interested in having Charles Titus create an Archive for you, then please feel free to contact him at 

Please note, that I (Charles Titus) do not get paid for any of my archives.  I do this as a hobby and don't get paid to run any of these websites.

The first archive started with this archive.  This was created because my favorite racecar driver when I was younger was Terry Labonte.  I still wish that he was racing today.

The second archive that was created was Kyle Busch.  I started pulling for Kyle because he was good enough to replace for Terry, and as a result I started pulling for him.

This archive was started because I think Ross and I think he has a long bright future in the sport of Nascar. 

I started this archive because Kyle Larson is a great up and coming driver.  I feel that it will be no time before he starts picking up many wins in the Nascar Cup series.

This was another archive that I created as a result of pulling for Kyle Busch .  This was started because Kyle Busch started his own racing team in the Truck Series.

When Terry started his own team I naturally had to start an Archive for it.  This is the Archive for his team that he created.

I created an archive for James Buescher because he was a good driver in the truck series.  I wish he could get another chance to race in one of the series in Nascar.  


I created an archive for Sheldon Creed because he is an amazing driver in anything that he drives.  I hope he has a long career in Nascar.

This archive was created to give a history lesson on the AAF.  This is the first Archive that I have done that is not Nascar related.     

The following Archive(s) are:

At this time I don't have anything in the works.  However, if you would like to commission a website being made then please reach out to me at and we can discuss the cost of this.

At this time I have made the decision to close down the following websites because of lack of visits of people on the weband because I don't feel like spending any more time on these particular website.  


This archive might be coming back at some point.  However, at this time I have not decided if I want to rebuild it.